DIY Halloween Play Dough Kits for a Frightfully Good Time

Create Your Own Halloween Play Dough Kit - Playing with Play Dough

DIY Halloween Play Dough Kits

Ready for a fun to make, fun to partake activity that will entertain your kids for the entire month of October? Look no further than these DIY Halloween Play Dough Boxes!

Hi mom friends, fellow entertainers of children, and children of all ages! I’m Jamie, and I used to make and sell play dough boxes. Though I have given up the twin KitchenAid mixers cranking out pounds and pounds of dough a day, I still absolutely love play dough boxes. And now I get to share all of my favorite tips, tricks, and resources!

If you’re brand new to making homemade play dough or making your own DIY play dough boxes, I highly recommend starting here. It’s my ultimate guide for making the boxes from scratch and is filled with all of my trade secrets!

Once you have the basic supplies ready, it’s time to create a scary awesome box that is sure to keep your littles entertained all month long!

Create Your Own Halloween Play Dough Kit - Playing with Play Dough

The Play Dough

You have two options for dough: homemade or store bought. BOTH are excellent options, and truly just depend on your preference.

If you’d like to make your own, I’ve written out my classic recipe here.

If you’d like to purchase your own, go for it! You can buy the larger cans of play dough and wrap it is plastic wrap to fit your box or container. I bulk buy these mini one-ounce containers from Amazon because I love the variety. Plus, they fit inside my favorite tackle boxes.

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All of my opinions are my own, always. Your purchases are so appreciated. And, as always, I would love to hear what you think of any items purchased as well!)

I love using the traditional colors of black and orange, but it’s so fun to also add an accent color based on what sensory items you’re wanting to include or your kiddo’s current favorite colors. Purple, blue, and pink all look fabulous mixed in, because we all know that all that dough will inevitably end up all squished together!

Create Your Own Halloween Play Dough Kit - Playing with Play Dough

Sensory Fillers and Goodies

My favorite places to shop for play dough box fillers are craft stores. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have great seasonal selections starting a couple months out. Don’t forget your coupons or check for sales. It’s so worth it! Then go back again during the days after Halloween to restock your supplies for next year!

Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree also have some fun fillers that are themed and reasonably priced.

Reminder: While the dough might need to be replaced, most of your goody investment will be useable again next year. Just pack your box up with the rest of your decorations and surprise yourself with how prepared you are!

Create Your Own Halloween Play Dough Kit - Playing with Play Dough

My Favorite Halloween Play Dough Kit Fillers

Oriental Trading Halloween Bears

Oriental Trading Halloween Owls

Oriental Trading Halloween Sloths

Jumping Spiders

Spooky Halloween Picks

Halloween Dough Stamps

Pumpkins, Owls, Acorns, and Leaves Acrylic Table Scatter

Halloween Tinsel Pom Poms 

Halloween Pipe Cleaners

Halloween Ice Cream Shovels

Googly Eyes

Small Fall-Themed Cookie Cutters

Other Fun Sensory Box Ideas

Whether you’re taking a break from the dough, switching things up, or it just isn’t your thing, there are lots of other options for creating a fun themed activity box!

Try some of these fillers for more ways to play!

Painted Chick Peas Halloween Box - Playing with Play Dough

Painted Chick Peas Halloween Box

Dyed Rice Halloween Box - Playing with Play Dough

Dyed Rice Halloween Box

Halloween Bead Box - Playing with Play Dough

Mixed Beads Halloween Box

More DIY Play Dough Box Information

Hopefully, you’ve found tons of information and inspiration to get you started on creating a fabulous DIY Halloween Play Dough Box for your favorite kids.

If you are looking for a great homemade play dough recipe or are searching for more of the basic components, check out this post!

Create Your Own Halloween Play Dough Kit - Playing with Play Dough

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