Create Your Own Valentine’s Play Dough Kit

How to Make a Valentine’s Play Dough Kit

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and I am in full-on prep mode around here! One of my favorite things to make to kickoff the sweetest winter holiday is a Valentine’s Play Dough Kit for each of my kiddos.

Play dough kits are super easy to create and assemble on your own for a fraction of the shop-bought price.

The trick is to know where to look for fun and festive fillers, and I’m sharing all of my favorite sources for this year’s box below!

Valentine’s Play Dough

This holiday’s play dough box turned out even more adorable than I’d hoped!

To start, I made a big batch of my favorite dough recipe. It will be more than enough for the next month (or two!)!

Homemade Valentine's Play Dough - Playing with Play Dough

The girls really wanted to help out. So, once everything was mixed together, I portioned out some dough, put it into a zippered sandwich baggie with a few drops of my favorite icing coloring, and let them get to kneading.

I love that we’ll be able to store their doughs in the baggies between play times.

If you’re not interested in DIY dough, NO WORRIES!

I’ve been eyeing this package of sparkly unicorn colors from Amazon, and it even comes with some tools! I’d use the pinks, purples, whites, and reds for Valentine’s Day and save the rest for a Spring Box! (brb, talked myself into it! :))

If you’re really interested in stocking up, this box of Play-Doh is also a great deal for 36 three-ounce cans!

Valentine’s Play Dough Kit Fillers

DIY Valentine's Play Dough Box - Playing with Play Dough

Now for my favorite part of play dough kit making: the fillers!

While I managed to find a few items on Amazon, Hobby Lobby was the store that really had exactly what I was looking for this year! I’m so happy you can purchase from them online now.

You can also check out Michael’s and Oriental Trading for reasonably priced toys and pieces, too!

Here are some of my favorites. Click the pics to shop!:

Acrylic Hearts

Foam Conversation Hearts

Colorful Spoons

Mini Valentine’s Bears

Pink & Red Rhinestones

Tinsel Pom Poms

Tinsel & Chenille Stems / Pipe Cleaners

Glitter Foam Hearts

Felt Roses

Heart Embellishments

Glitter Ball Filler

DIY Valentine's Play Dough Box - Playing with Play Dough

Final Thoughts on Making Valentine’s Play Dough Kits

I hope you’re feeling inspired by how easy it is to put together an engaging and adorable Valentine’s Day themed play dough kit for your favorite little ones!

Remember: There’s no right or wrong way to do this. You could probably put a can of dough and a plastic heart toy inside of a shoebox and your kiddos would still appreciate the effort and feel the love! Just have fun making it and spending time together!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration or details on how to put together a play dough kit your kids will love, you can find all of my favorite tips and tricks on the mega post DIY Play Dough Kits for Hours of Easy Entertainment!

Create Your Own Valentine's Play Dough Kit - Playing with Play Dough

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