Valentine’s Day Play Dough Play Tray

An Easy Valentine’s Day Play Dough Activity Set Up

I love Valentine’s Day activities. The pretty pinks, reds, and purples. Tons of hearts. Glitter. And, of course, play dough.

Yesterday’s Dollar Tree haul included $6-worth of Valentine’s Day play dough play tray goodies to keep my three little ones engaged periodically through the week. I have some activities in mind (I’ll share them soon!), but mainly they enjoy making, molding, and modeling without my supervision and guidance.

I also threw on a couple durable heart cookie cutters and our favorite play dough rolling pin to really give them some options to practice their skills.

Here’s exactly what I left the store with, so you can build your own, too!

Valentine’s-Themed Tray Fillers and More

1. A flower-shaped plastic veggie and dip tray

2. Acrylic hearts

3. Glitter vase filler

4. Mini cupcake and unicorn erasers

5. Glass gems 

6. Glitter heart table scatter (These didn’t have the sticky sticker backing. Win!)

7. Faux rose petals

8. My favorite silicone kitchen tongs

Also, here are the links for where you can purchase my favorite play dough rolling pins:

And, here are the perfect heart cookie cutters for little hands playing dough.

Got Play Dough?

If you need some fresh play dough, hop over to the Recipes section for tons of easy DIY ideas.

If you’d rather click it and forget it, Amazon has a great offering of Dohs. I’m currently loving this set of sparkly unicorn colors from Amazon, and it even comes with some tools!

Final Thoughts on Valentine’s Day Play Dough Play Tray

I have a long-term love of the play dough + play tray combo. Taking the time to consciously choose bits and pieces really seems to set my little ones up for a successful playtime most of the time.

I’m really fortunate to have a great Dollar Tree nearby to rely on for inexpensive, expendable pieces. If you don’t have one near or aren’t a fan, this post on Valentine’s Play Dough Kits is filled with other ideas and where to find them!

If you’re ready for more play dough activity ideas, sign up for my mailing list below!

Have a doughlightful day y’all!

Valentine's Day Play Dough Play Tray - Playing with Play Dough

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