Play Dough Love Bugs

Valentine's Day Play Dough Love Bugs - Playing with Play Dough

Valentine’s Day Play Dough Activity

Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays for parents and teachers in terms of setting up fun learning and creative activities. There are so many ideas to be thought up or found!

One of my favorite pre-Valentine’s Day activities is making play dough love bugs!

I start off with reading two of our most-loved board books to set the stage. Then, lay out a few colors of play dough, some basic tools, and a handful of decorations from our Valentine’s Play Tray.

Note: Pairing play dough activities with books is one of my favorite things to do. One, it’s really engaging for littles to get a hands-on activity with their literacy, making it all even more attractive to them. Two, it lengthens the activity and keeps kids occupied longer, making it more attractive to me!

Read on for all of the specifics!

Valentine’s Day Play Dough Love Bugs

Two of our all-time most read books are Because I Love You by Sandra Magsamen and You’re My Little Cuddle Bug by Nicola Edwards.

They’re both short, sweet, and engage my babies and toddlers over and over again.

To start our activity, we cuddle up on the couch and read (and re-read!) the books that are all about how much they’re loved. A solid message for all kiddos!

Then, we move to the table where the play dough, tools, and fun add-ons are ready to create.

I do a quick review of the rules and tell them their activity for the day is to create as many love bugs as they want, however they want. Then, I let them go to town!

It’s definitely a great activity to let them do as independently as possible since they’re coming in with plenty of background knowledge (whether they love or hate bugs!) and there is no end goal or set learning objective beyond being creative.

Ideas for Making the Activity Harder or Easier

If you have older kids, ones that thrive with more guidance, or littles that want to play with you, we sometimes start the activity by creating a bunch of shapes with cookie cutters. Then, we build the critters using the shapes and add on the extras.

For my littlest, who’s currently 16 months, I roll up a bunch of play dough balls and let him “squish the bug!” He loves having a job and being part of the crew!

More Valentine’s Day Play Dough Activities

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Play Dough Love Bugs - Playing with Play Dough

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