55 Everyday Items to Level-Up Your Play Dough

The Joy of Everyday Items Parenthood is filled with ironies. It's the part of it that we tell our friends about in play group while the little ones roam and share with the grandparents on weekly calls. It's the part of parenthood that's equally agitating and amusing. The part that's both ... READ the POST

Soft and Soothing Lavender Cloud Dough

A Two-Ingredient Play Dough for Therapy and Relaxation It never ceases to amaze me how after a long day of lots of activities, places to go, and people to see my three little ones end up absolutely wired. All the excitement bleeds into bedtime, and, instead of crashing, they always have even more ... READ the POST

Lavender-scented two-ingredient therapeutic play dough for relaxation - Playing with Play Dough