On a Mission to Inspire and Encourage Growth through Creative Play!

The Playing with Play Dough Story

I started Playing with Play Dough in the midst of the devastating worldwide COVID pandemic.

Before the world turned upside down, my husband and I had put into motion a lengthy plan for him to chase his dreams of becoming an airline pilot.

We sold our house, moved our family of five into a small apartment to be near my parents, and were literally days away from him quitting his job and heading off to flight school when the floor fell out from under us and the world as everyone knew it disintegrated, including the airline industry.

Every day felt like the same stagnant repeat of the day before and hinged upon two of the most maddening motherhood questions of all: “What’s for snack?” and “Can we watch TV now?”

I got worn down and worn out fast. And I realized it needed to change fast.

What I needed was an easy, affordable, engaging approach to entertaining and educating my three little ones–all of whom were at different ages and developmental stages but needing the same core skills, stimulation, creative outlets, and processing practice.

What I needed was play dough.

Years before this, I fell in love with play dough as an inner-city elementary school science teacher to kiddos ages four-12. I saw first-hand how a lump of dough could cross language and ability barriers and be a way for everyone of all ages to learn and grow.

With my own children, I was reminded of play dough’s near-magical ability to simultaneously engage, create, relax, educate, and experience together, despite everyone’s differences.

It was, essentially, the perfect thing to bring us together on a daily basis to grow, learn, and bond.

My goal with Playing with Play Dough is to inspire you to do the same and make it easy for you, too. I hope this will be the site you go to when you need a quick activity, a little more bonding time, or a much-needed mommy break.

My Goals for PWPD

  • Share my love for play dough and inspire it for others
  • Make everyday play accessible to every family
  • Create activities that engage + educate
  • Provide simple solutions to common play dough and sensory play woes

How to get started:

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